Kathleen York



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Newfield Network Coach Training Boulder, Colorado

Yoga Teaching Certificate Yoga on High, Columbus, Ohio

BA – Business & Communications Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio

Diploma in Dramatic Art London University, London, UK

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Life Coach
Yoga Teacher
Residential Real Estate Agent

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My path, like yours, has been one of constant growth and change. In my life pursuit, I have found bits and pieces I didn’t even know were there. I experiment with some pieces, inviting myself not to be too critical; it’s an adventure after all.

Working with others seeking a meaningful shift in their lives is what gives me the most satisfaction and joy. Please join me on this adventure.

Are you being the person you want to be? Let’s talk and determine if I am the coach/partner for you.

Kathleen at the Beach



It doesn't matter where you are. We can connect!
We can talk on the phone. We can video chat. We can even meet face-to-face.

  • Relationships and Intimacy
  • Stress Management and Balance
  • Spirituality and Personal Growth
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Motivation and Time Management
  • Health, Aging, Lifestyle and Self-Care
  • Family and Parenting
  • Creativity for Artists, Writers, and Performers
  • And much more

What is coaching all about?


In the world of sports we take for granted that a coach will intervene in the lives of athletes and help move them to a higher level of skill and satisfaction in their respective sport.

Life coaching strives to accomplish the same, to uncover strengths and develop practices that will enhance and make more powerful how we show up in our lives each day.

Self-discovery and finding one's potential in life is a gift. I work to help you shift the obstacles that are in the way of feeling happy, opening new channels to a full and courageous way of living.


Do I need a coach?


I can’t answer that, but you can! Many of us go about the tasks of living and working not recognizing the toll of life’s stresses until there is a big bump in the road.

Out of the blue we are hit over the head with a “wake up call!” – suddenly the world looks different and there are new choices and questions: Is this how I want my life to be?

My skill as a coach is knowing the questions to ask and having the tools and techniques to empower you to find the answers within.

What will a coach do for me?

quoteBe yourself — not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be. quote


As a coach I will open up conversations with you that facilitate a review of what is happening at the present time in your life. What is working and what isn’t and why. The starting point for meaningful change will occur once you observe where you are and are open to choices about where you want to go… This is not therapy though, or counseling or even mentoring. Think of how a coach works with an athlete.

I will ask you lots of questions with the goal of guiding you to answers that help create a shift in you towards reaching your personal best. You are in the driver’s seat – I believe that you ultimately know the best way – I will help you make the connections, navigate at your side! Your innate knowing and wisdom will guide us both.


As a Newfield trained Coach I have honed the skills to understand that, as observers of our selves, we can learn to see the possibilities and exciting results that can come through new actions.  New actions, words and emotions will create different outcomes for us.

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